Friday, October 23, 2009

My How The Time Just Flies

Hi ya'll.....I have realized it has been quite a LOOOOOONG time since I have been here. As I have said before summer months are horribly busy for us. And now the summer has quickly turned to fall. My favorite season, by the way. And oh all the new sounds that this season brings. Leaves make this "skt skt" sound as they blow across the street. And they make this krinkalie sound when you step on them. It is SOOOOO cool!!!! I am also, very slowly mind you, starting to recognize more songs on the radio. They have to be ones that I have heard before, but I have gotten 2 right so far this week without Jay or Josie having to tell me what they are. I cant believe it has been 8 months since being activated. It seems like just yesterday. And even though it has been 8 months I find that I still find new sounds everyday. It is totally amazing.

And while I absolutely LOVE hearing again I sometimes find some things kinda still weird. Like watching television. Ok I dont usually get to watch tv till later in the evening. By this time in the day I cannot really understand alot (my audi says it's normal for some people to have trouble hearing later in the day due to fatigue, "brain is tired of sorting out sounds" kinda thing). Anyway, so when I watch tv I usually dont have my ears on and I just read the captions. Well the other day I happened to have time to watch a show during the day. And it was just kinda weird to be able to hear while watching tv. I know that sounds totally stupid, but I'm so use to not hearing it. Like on shows that we watch every week, I have an idea of what a character should sound like. Then when I watch the show with my ears on, the character sounds very different from what I'd imagined. I dont know, it's just kinda weird. :OP

Not much else is going on here. Toby did surprise me the other day. Josie LOVES teaching her little brother how to use sign language. I really didn't think much of it till the other day I was helping him get his "mud stomping boots" on to go outside. I had taken my ears off so I could slip on a hoodie to go outside, so I couldn't hear. Bubba realizing that I couldn't hear him signed "Mommy you beautiful" then he ran out the door to be with daddy and sissy. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. Oh yeah, I cried. Not only can I hear him say all these cool things, but the boy is learning to sign too. We still sign alot around here, and I hope that never changes. It's just been apart of us for so long that alot of times we speak and sign at the same time. He's gettin to the point where he can have alittle conversation without using words at all. Which is nice cause when my kids get shy, like in a crowd, they can still sign to me. Never in my mind would I have imagined deafness and learning to hear again would be apart of my life as an adult. But you know what, this is my life and I LOVE it. I love my family and friends and all the WONDERFUL sounds that this world has.

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  1. Nice to catch up, and see you posting again.
    Like you, late evenings are the worse for my CI sounds.